Herzogenrath station

Herzogenrath station

Umstieg auf den Schienenbus in Herzogenrat.jpg
A historical train before the entrance building
Construction and location
Opened 1852
Location Herzogenrath
State Nordrhein-Westfalen
Country Germany
Home page www.bahnhof.de (German)
50°52′15″N 6°5′40.7″E / 50.87083°N 6.094639°E
DS100 code KHEZ
Type Bf
Category 4
Platforms in use 2 island platforms
Route information

Herzogenrath station is the most important railway station in the city of Herzogenrath, Städteregion Aachen, NRW, Germany. Here, the lines to Sittard via Landgraaf and Heerlen and , both part of the regional network, branch from the main line from Aachen to Mönchengladbach. The station is in the area of the (Aachener Verkehrsverbund, AVV) and linked to an adjacent bus station and a Park-and-ride parking deck. For trains to Heerlen, this is the last stop in Germany.


Herzogenrath was connected to the railway network in 1852, and the still-in-use station building was inaugurated one year later. 1857, a loading platform was constructed to load coal from the near in Alsdorf before a route to Stolberg via Alsdorf was opened in 1890. In this year, also a Rail yard started operation, but went defunct in 1950. 1892, the railway line to Heerlen in the Netherlands was opened.

In December 2004, the route to Stolberg was re-opened up to the , with new stops in and . In 2007 and 2008, the platforms were reconstructed to a height of 76 cm, and in this process highly shortened, as only regional trains stopped here since the InterRegio service was discontinued. Also, lifts were built, so the station is now wheelchair accessible.

Since December 13, 2009, some InterCity-trains on the routes Aachen – Berlin and Leipzig – Cologne link Herzogenrath with the German long-distance train network again.

Operational facilities

Four tracks of Herzogenrath stations are equipped with a platform, three of which are in daily use. The fourth one, track 55, is a dead end for trains to and from Alsdorf. Formerly, next to this track, other terminal tracks existed, but these were removed for the parking deck. West of the platforms, there are several other tracks which today are used for stabling freight- and maintenance trains.

Herzogenrath is one of the few stations in the Aachen region that is not yet controlled by an electronic signalling centre. Since 1985, operation is regulated by a relay signal box of type SpDrS600 with the code Hf (where the f stands for Fahrdienstleiter, German for train dispatcher), at the northern end of the station. This signal box also controls the station of , which is the following stop in direction Aachen. From 1915 to 1985, Herzogenrath station had a two mechanical signal boxes, besides Hf there was a second one, code Hs, at the southern end. The Hf signal box then was also responsible for the routes to Heerlen and Alsdorf.


All lines leaving Aachen in northern direction station stop at Herzogenrath. The Euregiobahn line RB 20 splits here, each second train goes to Heerlen, the other one to Alsdorf-Annapark.


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