2004-05 Memphis Grizzlies season

2004–05 Memphis Grizzlies season

The 2004-05 Memphis Grizzlies season was the team's 10th in the NBA. Their first game was on November 3, 2004 aganist the Washington Wizards. The Grizzlies lost 91-103. This would lead to a 4-game losing streak. The Grizzlies would get their first home win on November 10, 2004 aganist the Los Angeles Lakers. The score was 110-87. The Grizzlies last game was at home on April 20, 2005 aganist the Dallas Mavericks. The Grizzlies lost with a score of 88-108. However they made the playoffs after finishing 4th in the NBA Southwest Division. The Grizzlies lost all four of their games aganist the Phoenix Suns. They ended the season 45-37.


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