0.8 Byou to Shougeki


Origin Japan
Genres new wave, post-punk, folk
Years active 2008–present
Labels Actwise (2009—present)
Website syooogeki.com
Tadaomi Tōyama (塔山忠臣)

0.8Syooogeki (0.8秒と衝撃。 Rei Ten Hachi-byō to Shōgeki., "0.8 Seconds and a Crash.") is a two member Japanese independent band, who debuted in 2009 with the single "Postman John."


The band was formed in 2008, with the members J.M. and Tadaomi Tōyama. J.M. was signed to an exclusive contract with Pinky fashion magazine, however the magazine disbanded in late 2009. Tōyama also works as a radio personality on Tokyo FM. Tadaomi Tōyama writes and produces the majority of the band's songs, with J.M. occasionally adding additional arrangement. Both members feature as vocalists, and Tōyama also performs guitar in the band.

Throughout 2008, the band entered music competitions, and applied to record company auditions. The band began performing lives in late August 2010, and released their debut single "Postman John" in September. The band's debut album, was released a month later in October 2010, under independent label Evol Records' sub-label, Actwise.

The band released an extended play, , in August 2010, and at the same time Tōyama began writing a column for alternative magazine Skream!. The band's was released in May 2011, preceded by the single "Machizō, Machiko, Hakai" in March 2011. These two releases were the first to chart on Oricon's singles and albums chart, reaching numbers 72 and 80 respectively.



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