Greenberg and Lieberman

Greenberg & Lieberman

Greenberg & Lieberman
Industry Law
Founded 1996
Founder(s) Michael Greenberg and Stevan Lieberman
Headquarters 2141 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Glover Park, Washington, DC, United States
Services Dealing with intellectual property, trademark infringements, domain names, virtual worlds, and software
Employees 9 (attorneys)
Website Website

Greenberg & Lieberman is a national and international law firm based in Washington, D.C. Established in 1996 by Michael Greenberg and Stevan Lieberman, the firm is known for its expertise in the technology-law areas of intellectual property, trademark infringements, domain names, virtual worlds, and software and is among the 16 most influential entities in the field of domain names. A "boutique law firm", Greenberg & Lieberman credited for being among the first in the world to begin generating a significant revenue and client base via online virtual worlds such as Second Life. Greenberg & Lieberman are also noted for their involvement with media law and military law.

Background and areas of expertise

The Washington, D.C.-based national and international law firm Greenberg & Lieberman was established in 1996. The firm's headquarters are located on Wisconsin Avenue NW in the Glover Park neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C., just west of the United States Naval Observatory. The firm is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The company has a particular focus on computer Internet law, copyrights and patent prosecution for small businesses. Since its establishment it has been recognized in the media and in the field of law for its expertise in intellectual property issues like domain and trademark law and reverse domain hijacking, and has been quoted in outlets such as the Washington Post, CNN, Associated Press, Kansas City Star and USA Today. A "boutique law firm", Greenberg & Lieberman is one of the first law firms in the world to venture into virtual world platforms such as Second Life and are amongst the virtual world's earning elite. Business News Express has described Greenberg & Lieberman as being "the rare law firm that possesses the resources of any large, international firm while maintaining individual, personalized contact between the firm’s attorneys and its clients."

As part of Greenberg & Lieberman, Lieberman and Greenberg have filed almost 300 trademarks and over 560 patent files as of September 2011, serving over 20,000 clients. Many of their patent cases involve what is termed as a Utility patent, ranging from electronics and consumer goods to online business and software applications. A great deal of the work conducted by the firm centers around trademark disputes and they have been involved in legal cases from small businesses to global corporations such as Microsoft and Nike. The firm also offers to register trademarks formally for companies concerned with such issues to protect their brand names, logos or taglines by initiating research through screening the USPTO and the Internet to ensure that trademarks proposed are not too similar to any existing one and filing an application through the USPTO and Community Trade Mark (CTM) for European Union registration. Greenberg & Lieberman extend their work in trademarks to copyright infringement and defense and are adept at obtaining copyrights for computer software, web page designs, and screen displays and applying for copyright licensing contracts after evaluation. Since its establishment in 1996, the firm has been heavily involved with Internet and New Media law involving intellectual property and Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) over domain names, which form a high percentage of their notable cases. The company is a proponent of technological development and in understanding the way online communication is evolving has branched out into virtual reality; they are credited with being among the first in the world to begin generating a significant revenue and client base via online virtual worlds such as Second Life. Greenberg & Lieberman also have a long history of preparing and negotiating contractual agreements from large corporations to small businesses and arranging licensing agreements.

Although they are best known for dealing with intellectual property issues, Greenberg & Lieberman have considerable experience dealing with military law issues, with attorneys on board such as Mike Lebowitz, an expert in military expression with firsthand Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) and combat experience. The company has expertise in military law issues such as the correction of military records, courts-martial defense, administrative separation defense, military expression and free-speech issues, AWOL concerns and whistleblowing.



After the establishment of Greenberg & Lieberman in 1996, one of their earliest notable cases was a successful motion to dismiss copyright infringement suit based on lack of personal jurisdiction in Evan K. Aidman v. Mark S. Nelson in 1999. In September 1999 the firm was involved in a motion to dismiss patent infringement matter in Molnlycke Health Care AB v. Dumex Medical Surgical, a notable case in Internet law.


In 2000, the firm was involved in a trademark infringement matter in the National Jewish Defense League (JDL) v. Mordechai Levy case which ended in November 2002 when JDL chairman Irv Rubin died in suspicious circumstances in jail, and defended against copyright infringement in the Studio Martis, B.V. v. Joseph D. Wager Smith case. In 2001 Greenberg & Lieberman were involved in a trademark matter concerning Apache Boats v. Mark McManus and made a motion to dismiss in the Ramfan Corporation v. Super Vacum Manufacturing case. In 2002, their involvement in the Ramsey v. Schutt, et al. in the Maryland State Circuit Court for Charles County was influential in changing the rule in Maryland pertaining to what is necessary in a contract to obviate liability.

In 2003, Greenberg & Lieberman was involved in several UDRP or trademark infringement disputes such as Size, inc. v. Future Media Architects, v. Future Media Architects, Internet Development Corp v. , Internet Development Corp v., Quantum Software Systems Ltd v. Future Media Architects, and a copyright infringement case, Future Media Architects v. . In 2004, the firm continued to represent Future Media Architects and Internet Development Corporation in a series of disputes over UDRP and trademark infringements and other matters including representing Future Media Architects against Cool, Inc., QNX, PTY Ltd, , and Hay Napa International, and representing Internet Development Corporation against B.S.A. Corp. at Maryland District Court, Freightliner and Lactel.

In 2005, Greenberg & Lieberman were involved in the federal court and mediation in the Ariadne Genomics v. Stratagene California dispute. They were hired by Mastercard International Incorporated v. Priceless.com to settle a trademark matter. The firm also represented clients in several UDRP cases such as , Inc. v. Mrs. Jello, Weld Racing Inc. v. , Ltd., and v. John Laxton RL.COM, a case which is still ongoing as of September 2011. In 2006, they represented H2Ocean against Schmitt, April’s After-Care and April’s Attic in a case which was settled and was involved in UDRP disputes such as Equifax, inc v. , Inc., v. Name Development Corp. and Thomas Weisel Partners Group, Inc. v. .

In 2007, Greenberg & Lieberman were hired by businessman in a case against Ville de Paris, a Municipal Corporation of the city of Paris at the Virginia Eastern District Court involving the Lanham Act in which the client claimed tortious interference with contract and defamation. They also represented some major global firms in trademark matters such as Nike, Inc. v. Niyad Enterprise in California Central District Court, Microsoft v. Domain Source, Inc. and UDRP cases such as HSBC Finance Corp. v. Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. and , Inc. v. XEDOC HOLDING, SA.

In 2008, Greenberg & Lieberman were involved in a trademark/domain matter between Air China and Airchina.com and with LG Electronics USA and LG.com. They were also hired in a Second Life case between Chris Mead and Jakob Hyvarinen and in the UDRP cases of Blue Magic, Inc. v. Inc. and Genzyme Corporation v. . In 2009 they were again hired by Abadaba in a trademark matter against Microsoft and by the Broward Rehab Center Inc. against Rafael Foss. They also represented dentist Alex McMillan, IV v. Tom Winkler case in a dispute over cybersquatting. The ruled in favor of their client McMillan in a case which involved "a legal action initiated against a former employee charged with trademark infringement, trade secret violations, and domain theft." Lieberman has said, "2009 was most definitely an interesting year. We saw a large number of corporations, Verizon, Microsoft & Costco to just mention a few, taking the scorched earth point of view and suing everyone they can, even individuals and entities that no longer owned the alleged infringing domain names. This of course led to a large number of confidential settlements, which it can be assumed, were all rather painful to those paying to end the law suits."


In 2010, Greenberg & Lieberman were involved in copyright cases in the John M. Smith vs , Inc. dispute (settled), and began representing the Second Life firm , LLC v. , Inc. in a copyright infringement case in California Northern District Court, overlooked by judge Charles R. Breyer. As of October 2011, the Amaretto case is still ongoing. They were also active in the Warren Weitzman v. Lead Networks trademark case and were hired by ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc. v. Amaya Lucy in a UDRP case. In 2011, Greenberg & Lieberman were again hired by ERGO to represent them in another UDRP case against Henghao Zhan Jianzong and by , Inc. in a dispute against Chengbiao Zhan. In April 2011, they lost a case representing Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld of the Modern Orthodox National Synagogue in northwest Washington when U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan denied the request of the rabbi to have an upcoming local election rescheduled because it conflicted with the Jewish Passover.


As of 2011, there are 9 attorneys working for the firm. Various members of the firm have testified to the US Congress as legal experts in fields such as intellectual property and military law.


Michael Greenberg

Stevan Lieberman

Of counsel

John B. Anderson

Phillip S. Corwin

Phillip S. Corwin, a graduate of Cornell University and Boston College Law School is an expert in the law of electronic commerce and intellectual property and has considerable experience with financial services and cutting edge technology firms and knowledge of Internet law and IP litigation. He has served as Director and Counsel of Operations, Retail Banking, and Risk Management for the American Bankers Association and Legislative Counsel to the . An employee of the United States Senate from 1976 to 1981, he was a principal spokesman for the American Bankers Association and has been invited to appear on numerous national television programs. He joined Greenberg & Lieberman in March 2011. An active member of the American Bar Association, he has also served as Chairman of the Business Law Section’s Committee on Legislation and Washington Liaison for the Science and Technology Section, amongst others.

Mike Lebowitz

Howard Newman

Howard Newman, a graduate of the University of Florida, is an expert on intellectual property, patents and trademarks and corporate acquisition. He has a license to practice in Washington, D.C., Florida, and Maryland and is a member of US District Court - District of Columbia, US District Court - Florida, Northern District, US District Court - Florida, Southern District, US District Court - Maryland, and the , amongst others.

David Shaheen

David Shaheen, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and George Washington University, has considerable experience in corporate and securities law, representing public and private companies in a wide range of fields such as telecommunications, real estate, hospitality and manufacturing. He began his legal career with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is also a partner of , LLP. Much of his work involves advising enterepeneurs and companies in corporate finance, shareholder and management concerns, employment and long-term business strategies. Shaheen is the Chairman of the Corporate Law Committee for the and has also been presented as a candidate by the Bar Association's Election Committee to run for the position of President of the Bar Association. He is the author of several publications related to economic law and the co-author of the book Start a Business in Maryland, Virginia, or the District of Columbia.

Jonathan Westreisch

Jonathan Westreich, a graduate of Oberlin College in 1988 in Philosophy and Political Theory, and the American University Washington College of Law, is an experienced litigator, with experience in State and Federal Court disputes over businesses, contract law, and intellectual property litigation.

Senior Attorney

Debora McCormick

Debora J. McCormick, a graduate of Guilford College (1969-1971), Appalachian State University (1976) and District of Columbia School of Law (1994), is an experienced litigator and specialist in trademark issues. She previously worked for Shaw Pittman, LLP and . She has been licensed to practice in front of the U.S. Supreme Court since 2001.


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