Fovant Badges

Fovant Badges


After the outlines were cut into the grass-covered hillsides, they were refilled with chalk brought from a nearby slope, up to 50 tons per badge. The badges took an average fifty men six months to complete.

The badges

Reading left to right (north-east to south-west), the badges at Fovant are:

  1. Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (only central part remaining)
  2. YMCA it is intended to allow this non-military badge to fade away.
  3. 6th (City of London) Battalion, the London Regiment (Rifles)
  4. Australian Commonwealth Military Forces (the largest, 51m×32m)
  5. Royal Corps of Signals (cut in 1970 to commemorate the Corps' 50th anniversary)
  6. Wiltshire Regiment (added in 1950)
  7. London Rifle Brigade
  8. Post Office Rifles
  9. Devonshire Regiment

Two as-yet unrestored military badges at (Royal Warwickshire Regiment and the 7th Battalion, The City of London Regiment) and an outline map of Australia on Compton Down are also looked after by the Society.


Fovant Down is also the site of Chiselbury Iron age hillfort.


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Coordinates: 51°03′12″N 1°58′42″W / 51.0534°N 1.9783°W

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