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Big Brother Australia 2005

Big Brother Australia
Season 5 (2005)

Changes and additions


The Logans

It was also revealed that twins would be entering the House, regularly changing places without being informed of what the other twin had done while in the House. Greg and David entered the House as a single person named Logan (their shared middle name). Their task was to remain undetected for two weeks while swapping places at Big Brother's command.



Angela Aiken is a 29 year old company director from Victoria. She became the very first housemate to be evicted on day 14.


Christie Mills is a 19 year old receptionist from New South Wales but has since moved to Gold Coast, Queensland. In 2006, she appeared in Zoo magazine with fellow housemate, Michelle. She was evicted on day 79 along with Rita in a Double Eviction.


Constance Hall is a 21 year old hairdresser from Melbourne, Victoria and was the very first housemate to enter the Big Brother House. She was automatically nominated for a double eviction along with Dean and Nelson for lying to Big Brother about not being single. She was evicted on day 10 with Nelson. She ended her relationship with her boyfriend days after her disqualification, but have remained on-and-off as friends.


Dean Glucina, originally from Canberra, now lives in Melbourne is of Croat heritage. He is 24 years old and is a sales representative. She was automatically nominated for a double eviction along with Constance and Nelson for lying to Big Brother about not being single. Dean survived the eviction, but as punishment, Big Brother automatically put him up for eviction and banned him from nominating the following week. He was evicted on day 72.


Geneva Loader lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and once attended . At the time of airing the show she was a 19 year old bisexual bar manager from New South Wales. Geneva was evicted on day 51.


Jane Pattison, known as Gianna, is a 24 year old customer service representative from South Australia. She was evicted on day 23. After Big Brother She appeared in Playboy magazine following her eviction. In late 2005, her Adelaide home suffered flooding and she was interviewed by Ten News.


Glenn Dallinger is a 21 year old sheep shearer from Stawell, Victoria. He was evicted on day 57.


Heath Tournier was a 22 year old electrician from Grovedale, Victoria. Heath entered the house on day 53 as an Intruder. He was automatically put up for eviction along with fellow intruders Melanie and Rita. After Rita was saved by the other housemates, he and Melanie faced the public vote. He received the most votes to evict and was evicted on day 60. In March 2009 he appeared as a minor character in the soap opera Neighbours.


Simon Deering, self-nicknamed Hotdogs, was a 27 year old real estate agent from Western Australia at the time of entering the House. He was evicted on Day 64. Hotdogs was host of Network Ten show The Up Late Game Show which started its first season the day after Big Brother finished in 2005. The series ran two seasons, ending in 2006. He currently lives with former housemate Vesna.


Richelle Benson, known in the House as Kate (born May 1983), is a 21 year old administration worker from Perth, Western Australia. Kate was evicted on day 86. While on the show Kate was considered a possibility of taking the title until she expressed "disgust" at seeing two male house-mates kiss, saying, "I'll vomit. That was disgusting. I'm homophobic ... That really freaking scared the shit out of me. I hate (homosexuality) and I fear it. I felt sick when you did that, seriously. Why does it make you angry to hear me say that?"


Identical twins David and Greg Mathew, known as Logan David and Logan Greg respectively while in the House, were treated as a single entity in Nominations, Evictions, and Friday Night Live, and as potential winners of the season. On launch night, David entered the Big Brother House (with his bio stating he was a 23 year old plumber), while Greg entered and stayed in the Isolation Room. They go by the name Logan because that is their shared middle name. They started the series as a single housemate and swapped places when Big Brother would call them into the diary room. This lasted until the other house mates figured out they were in fact two people, after an injury to one twin did not show on the other in a swap. This resulted in Big Brother deciding to make the other housemates to evict a twin on day 75. David was evicted, and Greg stayed. Greg eventually won Big Brother over Tim, but him and David were considered joint winners.


Melanie Smerdon is a 19 year old behavioral neuroscience student and model. She entered the house on day 53 as an intruder. Melanie was automatically put up for eviction along with fellow intruders Heath and Rita. After Rita was saved by the other housemates, she and Heath faced the public vote. She received the least votes to evict and therefore was safe. Melanie was evicted on day 93.


Michael Farnsworth was a 27 year old demolition worker from New South Wales. He entered the House on day 0 and was evicted on day 30.


Michelle Carew-Gibson lived in Queensland and is a 24 year old promotions model. She was evicted on Day 36. Michelle completed her high school studies at Belridge Senior High School. Michelle's officially disclosed occupation to producers prior to appearing on the show was that of a promotional model for Queensland based firm Pin-Up Promotions under the stage name of Harley. Michelle had appeared nude at least once in an edition of Australian-based softcore men's magazine Platinum Girls. After eviction, she went on to perform photo shoots for a number of men's magazines including a full shoot for Platinum Girls.


Nelson Russell was a 23 year old assistant manager from Queensland. During his short stay, Nelson received a strike for calling Big Brother a Jew. He was automatically nominated for a double eviction along with Constance and Dean for lying to Big Brother about not being single. He was evicted on day 10 with Constance.


Rachael Burns entered the House on Day 25 during Housemates: Incoming! as replacement housemate for Constance and Nelson. She is a 22 year old promotions model. Rachael was evicted on day 44. She produced and presented a segment for EWTV which aired on Foxtel in 2006. Rachael also played a small role in SHAPE, a horror film due for release in Australia in 2007.


Rita Lazzarotto was a 29 year old nurse when she entered on Day 53 as an Intruder. She was automatically put up for eviction along with fellow intruders Heath and Melanie. The other housemates voted to save her from eviction. On week 11, Rita received a record breaking 11 eviction points and was evicted on day 79 along with Christie in a Double Eviction. After the removal Ashley and John from the Big Brother Australia 2006 House due to alleged sexual assault, Rita reported that she had been subjected to a similar incident during her time in the Big Brother House.


Tim Brunero (born 1976) is a 27 year old journalist from Sydney, New South Wales. He entered the House on Day 0 and ended up as a runner-up. Now writing a book on his Big Brother experience and publishing magazine and newspaper articles. Brunero also writes for the website of The Chaser. Tim also had a regular gig on 2008 Big Brother show, Big Mouth.


Vesna Tosevska (born January 1977) is a 28 year old hairdresser from Melbourne, Victoria of Macedonian heritage. She entered the House on Day 25 as a replacement housemate for Constance and Nelson. Vesna was evicted on day 99. Vesna is currently embarking on new media projects for 2007, including a podcast discussing all things Big Brother to go on her MySpace page. She is most famous for her volatile temper and many tantrums which won her popularity with the viewers.

Nominations Table

The Housemate in the top of the Nomination Box was Nominated for two points, the Housemate in the bottom Nominated for one point. The three or more Housemates with the most Nomination Points will face the Public Vote. Each Week the Housemates compete in Friday Night Live (FNL) - the winner of which wins a special Nomination privilege. After the Nominations have been announced the winner of FNL gets to remove three Nomination Points from the Nominated Housemate of their choice and potentially change the line-up.

Nomination Notes

^1 Constance, Dean, and Nelson were automatically Nominated by Big Brother after it was discovered that they lied to Big Brother during the Audition Process.
^2 Dean was Banned from Nominating and put up for the Public Vote by Big Brother for lying during the casting process.
^3 Intruders Rachael and Vesna were Exempt from the Nomination process this Week.
^4 New intruders Heath, Melanie, and Rita faced the Housemate Vote. Each Housemate voted for one Housemate they wanted to stay in the House. Heath and Melanie received the least support with two votes each and then faced the public vote. The public chose to evict Heath, although the percentage for this eviction was not made Public.
^5 All throughout the competition identical twin brothers David and Greg had been competing as one Housemate under their shared middle name of Logan (nominating and being nominated together, as well as being a single entity in the FNL and Eviction process). On Day 75 Big Brother decided to evict a Logan twin. Each Housemate chose one of them to evict, and with the most votes (four) David was Evicted. Greg remained in the House as a single Housemate.
^6 Despite there being nominations, they were cancelled and all housemates were automatically Nominated by Big Brother this week, which was to culminate in a double Eviction. Logan won Friday Night Live (FNL) but there was no Three Point Twist. Had the eviction had gone through with the nominations counting, Christie, Kate, and Rita would have been up for the public vote. The following voting percentages shows Rita being evicted with 36% out of 7 housemates and Christie being evicted with 39% out of 6 housemates.

Weekly summary and highlights

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Special shows

Live Surprise

"Live Surprise" was a live show broadcast on Day 2. During this show, the Logan twins swapped places with each other for the first time. They were given two minutes in the Diary Room to exchange as much information as possible, and Greg then had to go to the Isolation Room while David went into the Big Brother House. The Daily Show was broadcast as a part of Live Surprise.

Lies Exposed

"Lies Exposed" was a show broadcast on Day 8. After Glenn's discovery that Logan was in fact two twins, this was revealed to all of the housemates. Before this, Constance, Dean, and Nelson were all evicted to the Punishment Room; and were told their fate by Big Brother.

Viewers Verdict

"Viewers Verdict" was a live show broadcast on Day 10. This special was aired because Constance, Dean, and Nelson, had all lied about their relationship status. A public vote was held, that was started on Day 9 and was closed during the show, minutes before two of these housemates who had broken the rules were evicted. Constance and Nelson were evicted in this show, and were reunited with their partners. They both had separate eviction interviews with Gretel, and were both told that because they had deceived Big Brother, they would receive no prizes. Dean was safe, but Big Brother still punished him by banning from nominations and by putting him up for the public vote next week.

Housemates: Incoming!

"Housemates: Incoming!" was a live show broadcast during Day 25, where replacement housemates Rachael and Vesna were introduced to the public and put in the House.

Intruders Arrive

"Intruders Arrive" was a live show broadcast on Day 53, where Intruders Heath, Rita, and Melanie entered the Big Brother House.

Intruder Eviction

"Intruder Eviction" was a live show broadcast on Day 59. The housemates were given 1 minute 30 seconds to discuss amongst themselves which of the new Intruders, Heath, Melanie, and Rita, they wanted to keep. They decided to keep Rita, so Heath and Melanie were put up for eviction. As the public SMS vote started and finished during the show, lasting only twenty minutes, viewers in Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory were not able to vote as television shows in Australia are broadcast with a delay depending on the state to compensate for differences in Australian time zones. Heath received the most votes and was evicted.

Surprise Twin Eviction

"Surprise Twin Eviction" was a live Eviction aired on Day 74. With David and Greg both living in the House as a single housemate, the twins were put up for eviction as two separate people. David was evicted.

Friday Night Live

A special All Stars edition of Friday Night Live took place on Day 90. Greg, Melanie, Tim, and Vesna all competed against a team of ex-housemates to try to win a A$20,000 addition to the prize fund. The team they were competing against was Paul and Wesley from Big Brother 2004, Joanne from Big Brother 2003, and Jess from Big Brother 2002; and if they won Friday Night Live, they would win the $20,000 in the form of $5,000 each. Bree Amer and Ryan Fitzgerald, Friday Night Live co-presenters and former Big Brother 2004 housemates, participated in one of the games, each as an additional member of one of the teams. The All Stars team won the Friday Night Live.

The Final Countdown

"The Final Countdown" was aired on Day 93. In this show, Nadia Almada, winner of Big Brother 5 UK, entered the Big Brother Australia House as a house-guest. Hosted by Gretel Killeen

The Prize Fight

"The Prize Fight" was a special Friday Night Live that aired on Day 97. The remaining housemates were given the opportunity to win back some of the prize money they had lost in fines.

The Final Sunday Eviction

"The Final Sunday Eviction" was the last Eviction of Big Brother 2005, and was aired on Day 99, the day before The Finale. Vesna was evicted in The Final Sunday Eviction.


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